regular driveway sealing

Benefits of Regular Driveway Sealing

One of the questions we are asked regularly by our customers is, “How often should I have my driveway sealed?” We have many customers each season who are having their driveway sealed for the first time, not only to enhance its appearance, but for the other benefits of sealing, as well. We also have many repeat customers who appreciate the way regular driveway sealing improves their property. There are many benefits to scheduling regular driveway sealing. Here are just a few.

Regular Driveway Sealing Keeps Your Driveway Moisturized

When sealant is applied to the driveway, it penetrates the surface, becoming absorbed by the asphalt layer. This helps to keep your driveway moisturized. Over time, however, the driveway will become dry and brittle again. Sealing the driveway each season helps ensure that it remains saturated and resistant to cracking and crumbling.

Regular Driveway Sealing Enhances Your Property’s Appearance

The application of driveway sealant can greatly enhance the appearance of not only your driveway, but the entire property. Driveway sealant is like the icing on the cake! Many of our clients call us to have their driveway sealed when they’ve finished their seasonal edging and installation of bedding flowers or garden mulch. They know that having the driveway sealed at the beginning of the summer season helps their home look beautiful. That’s why we are called “Curb Appeal!”

Prevent Canadian Winter Damage with Regular Driveway Sealing

Our Canadian winters can be very hard on the driveway surface. Applying salt to the driveway, as well as shoveling snow and ice from its surface can cause chipping or cracking of the driveway surface, but regular, seasonal sealing can help prevent some of this winter damage. Driveway sealing is actually preventative maintenance. Autumn application of driveway sealant is a great way to prevent harsh winter conditions from causing further damage to your property.

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